Kicked off public radio

Grand Moffs of the powerful KTOO Advisory Board and haters of gibbons

You have to give KTOO credit for putting up with us for several dozen episodes, but we have finally been evicted. Two listener complaints, a riveting story in episode 24 labeled as “indefensible” (listen now!), the deeply offended cabal of the secret Community Advisory Board, and a soiled, burned studio carpet were just too much.

Bridge from Nowhere is like a re-occurring nightmare that scars my very soul. Offensive and disgusting. Also, I hate gibbons.
-Herbert F.

Gibbon haters

But the main reason is that we just don’t fit into the public radio mold, and Bridge from Nowhere is not what the typical, long-time KTOO member wants. Despite our parting we still want to thank KTOO for letting us record in the studio and for giving us a chance. Sorry about the carpet.

Bridge from Nowhere will keep on going! Listen anytime right here, or on iTunes and Stitcher.


Also, the papyrus font didn’t help.


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