017 – OJ, Hart to Hart and Favorite Sisters

In which we remember the OJ drama, Marissa Capito drops poo knowledge, Alicia and Kirsa Hughes-Skandijs (Your Favorite Sisters and part of Club Baby Seal) tell us about growing up a little bit country – a little bit rock and roll. Jamie connects deeply with Hart to Hart, and Andy recounts his days as a late night radio DJ in the 90s.

016 – Meat, Mobsters and Microbes

In which Marissa Capito joins us to discuss growing up in Juneau, the hard microbial work at the wastewater treatment plant, Jamie eats raw meat, Lou paddles 100 miles, Andy drinks runoff water, and we recreate the golden age of Juneau Jingles.

Go here for info on Cape Decision Lighthouse.

And check this out for Marissa’s dad, Greg, in his cameo as a would-be hitman at the Bergmann.

014 – Orcas, Clowns and Camp

We are pleased to announce our first Poop-Free episode! (Almost) No discussion of poop takes place! We do, however, explore the possibility of Orcas’ increased desire for man-flesh, we accuse horrible little french clowns of being nothing but common thieves, and we dive into the highs and lows of summer camp. Plus – Lou beat-boxes, Jamie’s hungry and Andy gets farted on.

012 – Bearded Weasel Hot Mess

We are joined by Libby Bakalar, writer of Juneau-famous blog One Hot Mess Alaska for in-depth analysis of what makes living in Juneau weird – it’s One Hot Messy Corner! Lou tells us about being a pirate in Norway, Jamie describes why weasels are bad, and we discuss one of the greatest of holidays, Motherfuckers Day, which everyone can celebrate every Wednesday, and for which we will soon lobby congress to recognize as a national holiday. Plus brand new music from Kuhlson! Also, zipoffs!!

010 – Lord Stainley’s Cup

In which Lou describes his championship season of winning the Stainley Cup, Sarah Ginter tells us of the greatest book ever written, and our Ninjaneer Marissa Capito from the Juneau Wastewater Plant finally acknowledges it was her father’s fault that Andy’s hands are so horrible. Also Jamie names the Official President of Bridge From Nowhere.

009 – The Pipes Don’t Want Your Wipes

In the Episode, we prolapse our Poo Corner with Ninjaneer Marissa Capito, to dive deep into the depths of poo issues. We discuss fatal floods of many varieties, how drying poo is the way of the future, the fallacy of early child recycling, and most importantly, we begin what will be a 49-part series about Andy’s use of wipes.

You can refer to these links for more info on some of the topics we discussed: