009 – The Pipes Don’t Want Your Wipes

In the Episode, we prolapse our Poo Corner with Ninjaneer Marissa Capito, to dive deep into the depths of poo issues. We discuss fatal floods of many varieties, how drying poo is the way of the future, the fallacy of early child recycling, and most importantly, we begin what will be a 49-part series about Andy’s use of wipes.

You can refer to these links for more info on some of the topics we discussed:

008 – Trains, Radio and Dynamite Red

Episode 8 in which we discuss the Swamper, Stingers, Stunts, and that poor bastard Whitlow.

Andy reveals an unnecessary trip to the ER, Jamie defies train death multiple times, and Lou’s dad remembers pipeline days. With our guests Steve Nelson, and Barry Logan, and or course our house band, Kuhlson.

006 – Flesh Eating Fish and an Accidental Phoner

Longtime friend and local musical and broadcasting legend Steve Nelson hosts us at his house this week, where we here why little fish prompted his move to Alaska in the mid 70s. We give Lou a call while he is on vacation in Hawaii – where he’s got problems with his zip-offs. Jamie recounts his lowest point which surprisingly involves poo, and Andy is horrified by what Lou gave a coyote.

Guest: Steve NelsonĀ and our house band Kuhlson.

005 – Gold Claims and Food on a Stick

We talk to Bob MacKinnon about growing up wild in Juneau, gold claims and fun with dynamite. Jamie calls in from what should be the abandoned Minnesota State Fairgrounds, but he’s got company. Andy is attacked by a Lamprey, the joys and sorrows of pooping outside, a Gorilla in the Mist and so much more.

Guest: Bob MacKinnon and our house band Kuhlson.

Here’s a preview…

004 – Balto, Snake Girl and the Fattest Man Alive

The Fattest Men Alive

In which we discuss the trials and tribulations of the world’s most famous dog of his day, the love of Sulu, why Skittles are bad for your toilet, sportsball, the perils of onion eating and scary monkeys. With guests Marisa Capito and Sarah Ginter.

Here’s a preview — the episode will air Sunday at 8p AK time on KTOO in Juneau, and will be available here and on iTunes after that.

003 – Tales of a Lich

Jamie, Power Lich of Windfall

Available April 2, 8pm Alaska time

Halt, thy dwarven knave! In this episode we travel to a world inhabited by the denizens of D&D, we discuss building a worse mousetrap, the love of a man for pork rinds, the worst smell an engineer of solid waste has ever smelled, and our most forgettable and useless jobs. With guests Marisa Capito and George Kuhar.


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