024 – Cluster on Mama’s Jupiter

We talk about many important topics today. Including: anadromous fish habitat in downtown Juneau, the life and loves of our primate friends, the Gibbons. And,...

BFN 022 – Llama Wrangling

022 – Llama Wrangling

Jamie tells of unusual ways midwesterners have fun with llamas, Your Favorite Sisters Alicia and Kirsa Hughes-Skandijs tell us about growing up rustic in West...

019 – Eclipse, Teletubbies and Patchop

Jamie discusses his trip to the capital of the solar eclipse, Lou becomes a howler monkey, we review the cheapest jeans ever manufactured, and New York photographer Patrice Helmar comes by to talk shop. Also, the central mystery of Teletubbies, wardrobe tips, and a disgusting noise.

016 – Meat, Mobsters and Microbes

Marissa Capito on growing up in Juneau, the hard microbial work at the wastewater treatment plant, Jamie eats raw meat, Lou paddles 100 miles, Andy drinks runoff water, and we recreate the golden age of Juneau Jingles.