What is Bridge from Nowhere?

Bridge from Nowhere is an ongoing podcast about life on the far northern edge of America. Alaskan living is a little different and a little the same as living anywhere else, and we like to talk about that and poo and adventures and Star Wars and bear encounters and did we mention poo?

When and where can I listen?

Right here right now! All episodes are available on this site, or on iTunes/Apple Podcasts and Stitcher.

We used to air on KTOO 104.3 every Sunday at 8 pm, but they kicked us off because Andy’s bathroom story in episode 24 was “indefensible”. We’ll take that as a compliment!

Who are you people?


Hailing from parts unknown, at 6’8″ and weighing in at over 450 pounds, Andy “The Swamp Stud” Kline has never won a sporting event in his life, but he doesn’t know when he’s beat. His main talents are wiping up after himself and squirrel baiting. When he isn’t doing radio and podcasts, he hides behind trees.


Jamie enjoys long, hot soaks in his customized tub of creamed corn. His melon has been called “disturbingly provocative” due to its large size and unique odor. Jamie imagines that his friends call him “The Smooth Gibbon” when he is not around, but he is wrong. When not gasbagging on the podcast he wanders the Earth in search of high adventure, low expectations, and the perfect cob.


Also known as “DJ Three-Quarters Honkey”, not only because of his mysterious heritage, but also due to the typical contents of his wallet. Hobbies include anything involving snouts, cataloging rashes, and annoying the Dutch. Lou brings a richly nasal, halting, and mumbly addition to the show.

Our House Band Kuhlson

George Kuhar of Playboy Spaceman (guitar, vocals) and Steve Nelson of The Cook County Blues Band (Hammond B-3 organ, keyboards, vocals) are the two talented musicians who are Kuhlson.

They are also skillful at keeping time when the three hosts/shaved apes attempt to bang on the drums or spill beer.