035 – The Lost Episode (with Probes)

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035 - The Lost Episode (with Probes)

Behold! We found The Lost Episode deep within the bowels of Andy’s Packard-Bell laptop among thousands of photos of gibbons.

We talk about Jamie’s adventures in human drug testing! Andy wipes up after himself after he decides to perform a “cleanse”! Lou bores you!

034 – Comfort Mandrill

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034 - Comfort Mandrill


We enjoy foreign biscuits which help us with self-pleasure urges, discuss the pros and cons of eating 5 massive hot dogs in one sitting, Lou invents the masturb-o-meter, we ask what the worst service animal would be, and Jamie attends Alaska Storage Wars!

Alaska Airlines policy on service animals

Storage auctions on the rise in Alaska

The weirdo history of graham crackers!

033 – Everyone Loves Olives!

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033 - Everyone Loves Olives!


She’s back from international travels — The Ayatollah of Assahola! Our beloved Doctor Poo herself – Marissa Capito!! We will talk poo with her of course, focusing on amazing Japanese toilets. Also we will try strange snack foods, talk about junker modifications, and reveal what we wouldn’t eat.

How to use a Japanese toilet.

032 – Monkey Rage

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032 - Monkey Rage


SO ANGRY! The three chimps hurl their poo at you. Also they talk about the absolutely bizarre sex life of ducks, all their stupid junker cars, and how Andy is a vapor-rider. Lou makes an owl pellet out of dog jerky and Jamie makes a birder cry. Also, the tale of Nigel, the loneliest Albatross (actually a Gannet.)

Nigel the Gannet

Ballistic Duck Penises and Corkscrew Vaginas


031 – Yarding Season with the Alaskan Hairy Man

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031 - Yarding Season with the Alaskan Hairy Man


It is March in Juneau, and that means Yarding Season has begun even if it is below freezing. In this episode, we talk about how Andy annoys his neighbors, Jamie has a strange name in his family, Lou wants a new kind of toilet that he has patented, and everyone eats dog treats.

Plus lonely wrestlers, strange mythical creatures that still may live in Alaska, and the evil that is Snyder’s of Hanover.

Bigfoot Lunch Club Hairy Man Tales

Sasquatch Tracker

Phantoms and Monsters

Hot ass buffalo wing pretzels.

Snyder of Berlin – The Rebel Alliance

16 Most Unbelievable Toilets in the world — Alaska is #3!!

030 Season Duh! – Giant Birds, Mouse Invasions and Frozen Banana Peels

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030 Season Duh! - Giant Birds, Mouse Invasions and Frozen Banana Peels


Our Season 2 Debut!

We took a break, but were awoken by the screams of our townspeople! A giant prehistoric bird is terrifying the people of the Juneau Valley! Also, Lou battles mice in the remote cabins of Alaska and California, we describe how to express a dog’s anus using rudimentary pictures, and Jamie describes his carnal love of gravy. We are back!! This is happening! No one cares!

Juneau’s Giant Bird

Giant Birds Website Cryptology!!

Top Ten Birds of Prey!!

Western Alaska Giant Bird – HIDE THE CHILDREN!

Fairbanks Banana



029 – Immediate Frontier Justice

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029 - Immediate Frontier Justice


We talk old time Alaska bar lore with Big Mike Race, who also helps us introduce a new segment — Dog Treat of the Week! Jamie is sick as hell, so we make him stay home and do a call-in, which turns out to be disgusting because he is so damned sick. Andy is particularly overbearing in this episode, so you have that to look forward to. Lou delights us with a new Parasite of the Week.

028 – Lewis and Clark were Miserable Bastards

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028 - Lewis and Clark were Miserable Bastards


Special Manzanillo edition! Andy took a job as a human mule to drive a car from Mexico, and somehow was able to produce this episode while sweating profusely in the prickly heat of a non air-conditioned Sinaloa roadside motel.

We introduce two new segments in this itchy, mangy episode: Parasite of the Week and What Was the Worst Thing You Ate This Week? Jamie describes his experiences as a human dog treat aficionado. Lou regales a tale of Uncle Wayne and his motorcycle loaded with oxygen tanks. Andy eats 27 Starburst in one sitting. Also, low cal “beer”, bear wrestling, bartending as a 20 year old, Ken Burns’ brother, Mista C, the scourge of 3D glasses, and more!

027 – Sea Apes, Mudslides and Wax Lips

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027 - Sea Apes, Mudslides and Wax Lips


The many apes of our lives come to the fore in this episode – including Jamie’s incessant belief in the mythical Alaskan Sea Ape – a creature he describes in detail. Elvira and Star Trek come up quite a bit. Lou talks to dogs and contemplates a yard fire of wet wool. Andy continues to be belligerently incorrect about many things, including the history of Lou’s “Crawl Space.”

Steller’s Sea Ape

Great Juneau Mudslide

The most Canadian superheroes

Captain Pike’s Expression

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark!