029 – Immediate Frontier Justice

We talk old time Alaska bar lore with Big Mike Race, who also helps us introduce a new segment — Dog Treat of the Week! Jamie is sick as hell, so we make him stay home and do a call-in, which turns out to be disgusting because he is so damned sick. Andy is particularly overbearing in this episode, so you have that to look forward to. Lou delights us with a new Parasite of the Week.

028 – Lewis and Clark were Miserable Bastards

Special Manzanillo edition! Andy took a job as a human mule to drive a car from Mexico, and somehow was able to produce this episode while sweating profusely in the prickly heat of a non air-conditioned Sinaloa roadside motel.

We introduce two new segments in this itchy, mangy episode: Parasite of the Week and What Was the Worst Thing You Ate This Week? Jamie describes his experiences as a human dog treat aficionado. Lou regales a tale of Uncle Wayne and his motorcycle loaded with oxygen tanks. Andy eats 27 Starburst in one sitting. Also, low cal “beer”, bear wrestling, bartending as a 20 year old, Ken Burns’ brother, Mista C, the scourge of 3D glasses, and more!

027 – Sea Apes, Mudslides and Wax Lips

The many apes of our lives come to the fore in this episode – including Jamie’s incessant belief in the mythical Alaskan Sea Ape – a creature he describes in detail. Elvira and Star Trek come up quite a bit. Lou talks to dogs and contemplates a yard fire of wet wool. Andy continues to be belligerently incorrect about many things, including the history of Lou’s “Crawl Space.”

Steller’s Sea Ape

Great Juneau Mudslide

The most Canadian superheroes

Captain Pike’s Expression

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark!

026 – Knott’s Berry Ghost Farm

Andy incorrectly remembers an amusement park name with great conviction. He is also wrong about the origins of the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room. Let’s face it, he doesn’t get a lot right in this episode. Lou finds wet hippie money in the wilderness. Jamie is required to change his pants in a casino. And a new superhero is created.

California Wildfire Relief

Tiki Room

Terwiliger Hot Springs

Kicked off public radio

Grand Moffs of the powerful KTOO Advisory Board and haters of gibbons

You have to give KTOO credit for putting up with us for several dozen episodes, but we have finally been evicted. Two listener complaints, a riveting story in episode 24 labeled as “indefensible” (listen now!), the deeply and grossly offended cabal of the secret Community Advisory Board, and a soiled, burned studio carpet were just too much.

Bridge from Nowhere is like a re-occurring nightmare that scars my very soul. Offensive and disgusting. Also, I hate gibbons.
-Herbert F.

Gibbon haters

But the main reason is that we just don’t fit into the public radio mold, and Bridge from Nowhere is not what the typical, long-time KTOO member wants. We are too different and different can be scary, uncomfortable, and unfamiliar. So in our place you can now enjoy second repeats of A Prairie Home Companion! Despite our parting we still want to thank KTOO for letting us record in the studio and for giving us a chance. Sorry about the carpet.

Bridge from Nowhere will keep on going! Listen anytime right here, or on iTunes and Stitcher.



Also, the papyrus font didn’t help.


025 – Hagfish, Hongose Wine, Fiji Giant Rats and Tapeworms

We have been cancelled by public radio, but our podcast gains in POWER!

Welcome to our first radio-free edition of BFN, in which our scientist buddy John Warrenchuk joins us to discuss biologic abnormalities and parasites. Plus, hallucinogenics south of the border, Giant Rats of Fiji, horrible hagfish, the battle with tapeworms, and a cyclops goat.

KTOO may have cancelled us, but our podcast only grows stronger!! BWU-HAHAHAHAHA!!!

ROUS (Rodents of Unusual Size in Fiji) 

The OriginalROUS!

024 – Cluster on Mama’s Jupiter

We talk about many important topics today. Including: anadromous fish habitat in downtown Juneau, the life and loves of our primate friends, the Gibbons. And, we discuss epiphanies that may or may not occur during the act of pooping.  Plus, beer festivals, weed, and the raw power of our house band KUHLSON!!!

022 – Llama Wrangling

BFN 022 – Llama Wrangling

Jamie tells of unusual ways midwesterners have fun with llamas, Your Favorite Sisters Alicia and Kirsa Hughes-Skandijs tell us about growing up rustic in West Virginia, Lou carbonates things, and Andy tries to pronounce words.