028 – Lewis and Clark were Miserable Bastards

Bridge from Nowhere
Bridge from Nowhere
028 - Lewis and Clark were Miserable Bastards

Special Manzanillo edition! Andy took a job as a human mule to drive a car from Mexico, and somehow was able to produce this episode while sweating profusely in the prickly heat of a non air-conditioned Sinaloa roadside motel.

We introduce two new segments in this itchy, mangy episode: Parasite of the Week and What Was the Worst Thing You Ate This Week? Jamie describes his experiences as a human dog treat aficionado. Lou regales a tale of Uncle Wayne and his motorcycle loaded with oxygen tanks. Andy eats 27 Starburst in one sitting. Also, low cal “beer”, bear wrestling, bartending as a 20 year old, Ken Burns’ brother, Mista C, the scourge of 3D glasses, and more!

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