031 – Yarding Season with the Alaskan Hairy Man

Bridge from Nowhere
Bridge from Nowhere
031 - Yarding Season with the Alaskan Hairy Man

It is March in Juneau, and that means Yarding Season has begun even if it is below freezing. In this episode, we talk about how Andy annoys his neighbors, Jamie has a strange name in his family, Lou wants a new kind of toilet that he has patented, and everyone eats dog treats.

Plus lonely wrestlers, strange mythical creatures that still may live in Alaska, and the evil that is Snyder’s of Hanover.

Bigfoot Lunch Club Hairy Man Tales

Sasquatch Tracker

Phantoms and Monsters

Hot ass buffalo wing pretzels.

Snyder of Berlin – The Rebel Alliance

16 Most Unbelievable Toilets in the world — Alaska is #3!!

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