001 – Monkey Riding a Capybara

Bridge from Nowhere
Bridge from Nowhere
001 - Monkey Riding a Capybara

In which we discuss large rodentia, the Civil War, poo, a kidney donation, and tall people. Our house band Kuhlson rocks the joint.

As our first episode we thought it would be good for people to hear a little about us, so we talk about where we come from, some family history, including Lou’s Civil War heritage, and Jamie’s lineage of Gypsy royalty. We also mention Rodents Of Unusual Size. Juneau’s resident rockstar George Kuhar drops by and talks about his harrowing journey back to the living after a serious illness that was cured by a sacrifice from his beloved. Then its Poo Corner! when we get to talk about poo with a real poo expert from the solid waste treatment plant, Marisa Capito. Then we discuss the tallest people we have ever met, and we in general avoid the theme of what our show is supposed to be about.

It’s a pretty full hour. Let us know if you have any comments, unless they are mean; in that case direct them to Jamie. He’s a midwesterner and is therefore immune.

Photo “Capabara Profile” by ekilby / CC BY-SA 2.0, capabara head cut out from original.

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