002 – Bear Stew and Visqueen

Bridge from Nowhere
Bridge from Nowhere
002 - Bear Stew and Visqueen

This week Andy, Jamie, and Lou discuss the woods, jagger bushes, poo glitter, bear stew, yinsers, Tuckerbutt, dads, and the Clapper.

We once again have Marisa Capito on-board to talk about solid waste on Poo Corner. Sarah Lewis and Sean Boily tells us about the journey to become an Alaska architect–and how one of them decided that wasn’t the thing they wanted to be. And we dismiss many of the long held best practices of human hygiene.

Photo “glitter” by dahveed76 / CC BY-NC 2.0, modified from original. Photo “Stella Snow Stew” by Forsaken Fotos / CC BY 2.0, modified from original.

2 Replies to “002 – Bear Stew and Visqueen

  1. From our intrepid intern team and Pat Race!

    There is a relationship between Jagoff and Jagger Bush. A jagger is a thorn.

    In fact, jagoff has its roots in the northern British Isles, “where most of the original English-speaking settlers in this area came from,” says Carnegie Mellon University professor Barbara Johnstone, the foremost expert on local speech patterns. There, the verb “to jag” meant “to prick or poke” — which is why thorn bushes are called “jaggerbushes” hereabouts. A jagoff, similarly, is simply an annoyance.


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