Damn it, Andy. Stop using Papyrus font. This isn’t a yoga den, Thai fusion restaurant, a weird smelly place that sells candles and bath salts, strip-mall “bistro”, or a cheap Alaskana gift shop.


021 – Princess Kay of the Milky Way

Jamie describes his vision of a butter sculpture of himself, Lou almost gets lost while fishing from the shore. Andy talks about rats with Patrice Helmar, and the horrible subject of pigeon massacres in Juneau is discussed. Also, Hurricane Irma lashed Andy’s home town and the magic of molasses.

020 – Aaron Neville Caused the Solar Eclipse, and Patrice is a City Mouse

I don’t know much, but I know that “Aaron Neville” caused the solar eclipse using that body pod. We talk to Jamie about his experience with the totality, Patrice Helmar talks about life in the big city, and Lou posits his Aaron Neville theory.

019 – Eclipse, Teletubbies and Patchop

Jamie discusses his trip to the capital of the solar eclipse, Lou becomes a howler monkey, we review the cheapest jeans ever manufactured, and New York photographer Patrice Helmar comes by to talk shop. Also, the central mystery of Teletubbies, wardrobe tips, and a disgusting noise.

017 – OJ, Hart to Hart and Favorite Sisters

In which we remember the OJ drama, Marissa Capito drops poo knowledge, Alicia and Kirsa Hughes-Skandijs (Your Favorite Sisters and part of Club Baby Seal) tell us about growing up a little bit country – a little bit rock and roll. Jamie connects deeply with Hart to Hart, and Andy recounts his days as a late night radio DJ in the 90s.

016 – Meat, Mobsters and Microbes

In which Marissa Capito joins us to discuss growing up in Juneau, the hard microbial work at the wastewater treatment plant, Jamie eats raw meat, Lou paddles 100 miles, Andy drinks runoff water, and we recreate the golden age of Juneau Jingles.

Go here for info on Cape Decision Lighthouse.

And check this out for Marissa’s dad, Greg, in his cameo as a would-be hitman at the Bergmann.

014 – Orcas, Clowns and Camp

We are pleased to announce our first Poop-Free episode! (Almost) No discussion of poop takes place! We do, however, explore the possibility of Orcas’ increased desire for man-flesh, we accuse horrible little french clowns of being nothing but common thieves, and we dive into the highs and lows of summer camp. Plus – Lou beat-boxes, Jamie’s hungry and Andy gets farted on.